To get ready for your appointment, please gather the following:

  • Last year’s tax return
  • The names, SSNs, and birth dates of your spouse/partner and dependents
  • W2’s from each employer you worked for
  • All 1099’s received
  • - 1099-INT for Interest Received
  • - 1099-DIV for Dividends received
  • - 1099-S for the sale of Real Estate
  • - 1099-SSA for Social Security Benefits
  • - 1099-R for distributions from pensions, annuities & IRA’s
  • - 1099-G For Unemployment
  • - 1099-MISC for Independent Contractor fees
  • 1098 - Mortgage & Home Equity Loan Interest paid
  • Total of all medical and dental expenses
  • Total of child or dependent care expenses
  • The amount of rent or property tax you paid during the year
  • Any estimated tax payments you made during the year including any state tax that was due from last years return
  • List of charitable contributions made during the year
  • List of educational and job-related expenses for the year
  • Mileage you drove for business, medical, or charitable purposes
  • A copy of your last car registration notice
  • The amount you paid last year to get your taxes done
  • Purchase and Sale information for Stock Sales
  • *It is not necessary to bring in actual receipts for these items

This is a comprehensive list and not everything will apply to you. Feel free to call our office to find out exactly what you will need to bring.

When you are ready, Contact us to make your appointment.

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